Culture Center

Since the day it opened, the Vehbi Koç Foundation Ford Otosan Gölcük Culture and Community Center has been promoting social and cultural development for the people in the region. In addition to its natural surroundings, its gardens and award-winning architectural design, its events calendar provides a rich cultural environment with opportunities for personal development, art courses, exhibitions, theatrical arts and music activities. Art is educational, formative and unifying and artistic events not only bring cultures together but also protects and preserves it for future generations. The Center hosts an average of 9,000 visitors and art enthusiasts each month, functioning as a rendezvous point with activities ranging from classic music recitals, jazz concerts and theater and children’s performances to art workshops… The Center focuses on community responsibilities, and it serves audiences from every age group and segment of society free of charge.

Located on 27,000 square meters with 4,700 square meters of indoor space, the Center serves with an exhibition hall, auditorium, gymnasium, observation tower, and rooms for art workshops and social activities as well as its garden and restaurant. Ecological principles were applied throughout the design and construction of the Center; its copper, wood and brick architecture create distinction and won the "2011 Employer of the Year" award.

Average number of visitors per month
Average number of events per month

Wellness Center

The Vehbi Koç Foundation Ford Otosan Gölcük Culture and Community Center also helps its guests to stay healthy with its sports facilities. The Center includes a fitness salon, a dance workshop and a modern gymnasium with seatings for 300. It also hosts the Ford Otosan sports clubs, the Gölcük Municipal sports teams and the basketball and volleyball matches of local school teams. Only Ford Otosan employees can take advantage of the Wellness Center. The Wellness Center is open from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM every day but Sunday.


The Center is also attractive for its natural beauty. The complex’s outdoor areas offer visitors a unique opportunity for sharing and taking healthy walks. The human figures created with rope by sculptor Kaya Özköprülü have become the Center’s symbol, infusing art into every area of life.

Café & Restaurant

Doğa Restaurant & Café has a well-deserved reputation for being the most delicious part of the Center! The restaurant hosts its guests with fabulous architecture accompanied by a unique garden and serves not only Turkish cuisine, but also dishes selected from world cuisine as well. Doğa Restaurant & Café is open every day of the week from 8:00AM to 11:00PM. For reservations please call (0262) 435 67 00-121.

The Vehbi Koç Foundation Ford Otosan Gölcük Culture and Community Center opened in 2011 with support from Ford Otosan. As part of the Vehbi Koç Foundation, it provides direct access to social development, culture and art as well as valuable space for life and events so that locals and Ford Otosan employees can make the most of their free time. All of the events at the Center are free of charge with the goal of making art a part of everyday life.